Individual Coaching Services

One-on-One Coaching

For Physicians, By Physicians

As physicians we are dedicated to helping other people with some of the most important issues in their lives, but we often don’t dedicate the same time and effort to work on ourselves.

One-on-one coaching is a powerful process for physicians who want do that work, and move their lives in a more rich, meaningful, and fulfilling direction.

As your coach, I serve as your objective and confidential partner, whose sole priority is your well-being and performance.  I bring to our relationship evidence-based tools to help you gain new perspectives, create a vision for what you truly want at work and at home, and overcome internal and external barriers to change. In a supportive and caring way, I then hold you accountable for translating your insights and understanding into purposeful and positive changes in your life.

While the issues that physicians seek a coach for are many, common areas I work with physicians on include:

  • Re-connecting with the joy of medicine
  • Improving burnout resilience and creating better work-life balance
  • Finding and pursuing new challenges within medicine or within our personal lives
  • Navigating leaving clinical medicine for another career
  • Developing effective leadership skills and stepping into new leadership roles

Coaching Options:

Focused Issue Coaching

Four 1 hour sessions

Focused coaching is ideal for the physician who wants to address one specific issue or challenge. Whether you find yourself stuck in a situation at work, are having trouble navigating a work-life balance conflict, or are debating a career transition, focused issue coaching can help you rapidly achieve clarity and create a definitive action plan for change.


Enjoy Medicine Again Coaching

Twelve 1 hour sessions, support materials

Enjoy Medcine Again Coaching is for the physician who is ready to spend more time being their best self and doing their best work, while also thriving more in their personal lives. Over 12 sessions we use a structured process for helping you gain clarity on the most important issues in your career and life, connect with your greatest values and strengths, and then leverage these to make meaningful and rewarding changes. This package is ideal for those wanting to create deeper career satisfaction, improve burnout resilience and recovery, and find a way to again enjoy being a doctor without constantly sacrificing in other life areas such as your relationships, parenting, or health.


Leadership Development Coaching

Twelve 1 hour sessions, leadership assessments, support materials

Whether you hold an official administrative title, are the attending for a clinical team, or run a research group, you are a leader. Medical training does an excellent job teaching the technical skills of medicine, but does little to prepare you to lead, communicate, or inspire others to do their best work. Effective leadership is not just about having the right tools, but developing the meta-cognitive skills that have been consistently shown to be the hallmarks of effective leaders – such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, prescence, interpersonal communication, and authenticity. Coaching is the most effective way for established or rising phsycian leaders to acquire these tools and skills.


Career Transition Coaching

Eighteen 1 hour session, support materials

Reducing clinical time or leaving clinical medicine altogether is one of the biggest decisions a physician will make in their career. It is a decision often full of endless doubts as you question what else you can do with your MD, how you will maintain income, and what it means to do something other than clinical medicine.

Regardless of where you are in the process, career coaching is a powerful tool for gaining clarity, exploring the many incredible non-clinical options open to physicians, and determining what path forward would be fulfilling for the next stage of your life. We then work together to create a strategic plan with tangible action steps to successfully execute your transition.

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