Coaching for Physician Groups & Institutions

Keynote Lecture – Turning the Corner on Burnout

With a profession-wide burnout rate of over 50%, there is no bigger threat to your providers or your group than burnout. Physicians in burnout experience greater medical errors, have worse patient outcomes, lower satisfaction scores, and affect the performance of the whole group. The groups that will thrive in today’s environment are the ones that commit to physician well-being. Understanding burnout is the first step.

Through this lecture participants will learn:

  • How common burnout really is
  • What actually happens in the mind of a burned out physician
  • Where our medical training and culture foster burnout
  • How reasonable seeming attempts to mitigate burnout often perpetuate the cycle
  • How to recognize early burnout in oneself and others
  • What groups and individuals can do to intervene and begin to turn the corner on burnout

Other keynotes are also available. Commonly requested keynotes include Work-life Balance, Mindfulness for Physicians, Leadership and Communication, and Why Use Coaching for Physicians.


Physician Well-Being & Burnout Resilience Workshops

Physician well-being and resilience workshops help your practitioners acquire the skills needed to handle the many challenges of modern practice and enjoy medicine again. These workshops teach evidence-based skills to cultivate one’s own well-being, a critical pre-requisite for thriving both at work and at home. At the same time, physicians will learn how to create tangible goals and action plans for overcoming the challenges that stand between them and their best work. Available in 3hr to multi-day formats.


Strategic Planning for Physician Groups

Most physician groups operate as individual providers who simply come together to share resources and call schedules, with little defined leadership. In today’s healthcare environment, these groups cannot survive. Developing a group-wide strategic plan can help your practice capitalize on the power of being in a group, make more efficient use of resources, and improve practice cohesion while reducing conflict. In doing so, groups with a well defined strategic plan are better able to respond to environmental conditions, seize opportunities, and mitigate market challenges. Available as a 1-2 day in-house or off-site event.


Physician Wellness & Leadership Consulting for Institutions

For organizations implementing their own internal wellness or leadership programs, consulting is a powerful tool for gaining clarity on how to construct an effective, evidence-based initiative.  Our experience and expertise can streamline your development process, improve your program’s content and effectiveness, and support practical implementation.  Available both in person as well as remotely.

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