Coaching and Consulting Services

Individual 1:1 Coaching

Many of us believe that when we finish our training we simply step into our careers and thrive as physicians.  The reality is that our training only gives us a skill set.  Using that skill set to build a rich work and personal life in the context of today’s challenging healthcare environment is a whole other issue altogether – one that requires tools that our medical training did not give us.

The result is that many physicians find themselves disenchanted, burned out, bored, or struggling to reconcile the demands of their jobs with the rest of their lives.  It is in these situations that physician coaching can be a powerful tool for change. Learn how I work with individual physicians to develop more meaningful and fulfilling careers both within and outside of medicine.


Coaching & Consulting Services for Physician Groups & Institutions

Investing in physician well-being and effectiveness yields a 5x return on investment and positions your practice or institution to outperform. Keynote lectures are an effective way to rapidly educate your providers on burnout and physician well-being. Workshops are also available to create a hands-on experience for individuals who want to learn the skills to cultivate their own wellness and performance. In addition, consulting services are available for support in establishing your own in-house programs for physician well-being, performance, and leadership coaching.

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