Is your career what you imagined when you graduated from medical school?

It can be

My name is Ryan Bayley, MD, CPC.

I am a physician and a professional coach.

I help doctors create more fulfilling careers so that they thrive both at work and at home.

Like you . . .

Like you . . .

I know first hand how it feels to practice medicine putting one foot in front of the other, but at the same time feeling disengaged, stagnant, or even burned out.

No one is immune to these feelings. It is not a matter of having gone to the right school or residency, or being better at what you do. These frustrations pervade all specialities and can affect anyone at any point in their training or career.

Let me ask you . . .

Do most of your workdays feel like a struggle?

Does your patient census feel like a battle to fight, or an enemy you can’t defeat?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by documentation or other logistics, unable to enjoy the medicine?

Do you feel isolated or lonely, unable to connect with colleagues or patients?

Are you bored, wondering if this is it?

Are you asking yourself how much longer you can keep doing this?

Let me ask you . . .

Unhappiness at work eventually affects life at home

Instead of being present and enjoying your time off, you spend all of your time and energy ruminating on recent cases, or anxiously anticipating your next work day.

Emotionally depleted from work, you begin to fail to connect in your relationships with family or friends.

You find yourself constantly caught up in frustration and resentment about the little things in your life, having had to face so many challenges at work.

Your health suffers; you increasingly lose your sense of self.

You realize that you have no energy to search for or engage in new opportunities at work or in life.

Now imagine how you would feel one year from now if nothing has changed.

What about five years from now?

I can help you.

Whether you are looking to make small, focused changes to dramatically improve your daily life and practice, or contemplating a big change such as leaving clinical medicine, I can help you.

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